Abandoned Copper Mine Kearsarge, Michigan
Keweenaw Peninsula from Satellite
Lake Superior
          Photography of Michigan's                                 
       Keweenaw Peninsula

               Whale Rock Images specializes in photography of the
                                   Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the Lake 
                                 Superior Region of the upper Midwest   

            Situated in the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Eagle Harbor, nestled on
                      the south shore of  Lake Superior in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula, is one of 
                      many of it's uniquely  beautiful places. The area has a rich copper mining history
                      with many preserved  historically significant features.  So it gets it's name
                      "The Copper Country." The  Keweenaw National Historical Park commemorates
                      the copper mining history of  the Keweenaw.  Geologically, the rocks known as
                      the Keweenaw lava-flows are the oldest known at more than one and a half 
                      billion years old and contribute to the  areas unique topography.  The topography
                      ranges from sandy and rocky shorelines to rugged hills reaching to mountains 

                      and the beautiful Brockway Mountain drive.   Overall, it is truly a magical place. 
                      I hope my photo-interpretation gives you a  glimpse of it's beauty.  
                      Enjoy and protect!

                             Jim Simak                                                    
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                    The gallery is a compilation of a portion of the photographs available for purchase           
                    covering a broad range of subject material of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.                                                                             
                    The area is one of the Midwest's most environmentally diverse regions with
                    Lake Superior surrounding the Keweenaw Peninsula, its rugged mountain ridges

                    and valleys, the Copper Harbor, Eagle Harbor, and Mendota lighthouses,
                    the Brockway Mountain drive, it's miles of  pristine beaches, the copper mining
                    history of the area, mine tours and numerous mines for rock and mineral collecting, 
                    it's many waterfalls, berry picking (bilberry, thimbleberry, blueberry, blackberry,
                    wild strawberry, and raspberries), ancient pine forests, ghost-towns, old mining
                    villages and ruins, old cemeteries, lake shipping history, and the people of the
                    Copper Country.  I have tried to capture the look and feel of the area through
                    my photography over the years.






Images of the Keweenaw County & Surrounding Areas (copyright) Subject/Location

Marsh Iris - Eagle Harbor, Michigan 
                  Jacobs Falls - Eagle                      Harbor, Michigan     
Eagle Harbor Light - Eagle Harbor, Michigan 
Eagle Harbor, Michigan 
Beach Art Great Sand Bay -Eagle Harbor, Michigan 
      Wild Blueberries - Eagle Harbor, Michigan  

Door Latch Quincy Smelter - Hancock, Michigan  

Wild Blackberries - Eagle Harbor, Michigan 
Downtown Eagle River - Eagle River, Michigan 
Quincy Smelter - Hancock, Michigan 
Fireweed - Eagle Harbor, Michigan 
Quincy Smelter Power House - Hancock, Michigan 
Winter Deer - Eagle River, Michigan 
Thimbleberry - Eagle Harbor, Michigan 
Lupine - Eagle Harbor, Michigan 
Brockway Drive - Brockway Mountain, Michigan 
Eagle River - Phoenix, Michigan 
POW-POW - Baraga, Michigan 
Mendota Light - Bete Gris, Michigan 
Quincy Mine - Keweenaw Central 
































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WEB Cams/Weather/Other Local Courtesy of Michigan Tech

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Video Clips from the Area

















































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